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 Santa Striper Shootout - Chesapeake Bay - December 10 - 12

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PostSubject: Santa Striper Shootout - Chesapeake Bay - December 10 - 12   Mon Dec 06, 2010 10:09 am

The Pirates of Lynnhaven are hosting a kayak fishing tournament on Chesapeake Bay the December 10 - 12. The tournament covers the eastern shore of Chesapeake centered at Crab Creek, which would include the conrete ships at Kiptopeke, CBBT, and HRBT. Here are the details that I got from Dave and Thom from POL (it is written in pirate):

Quote :
Well Ladies and Gentlemen, the final tourney o' the 2010 Season be upon us. However this time we are changing things up. The benefactor o' the tourney will be a family in need. Last year we held the auction to benefit a needy family, this year we wanted to make it more tied to what we do in the club so we figured that a fishing tourney would be best. This tourney will vary from the prior tourney's because the entry fee will be a minimum donation o' $15. No lure's will be required for entry into this tourney since we want to focus that money on the donation to the family in need. We currently have a donation from Yak Attack. We will have tee shirts for prizes as well as a VisiPole Carbon. We are currently working on more prizes so as we get more, we will update this forum. The distribution o' prizes will be stated this forum the first day o' thetourney.

We are testing out a new format for the captains meeting/announcement. The idea o' a weekend long tourney be nice for those who can't fish one day but could another, however we want to tweak how we do the captains meeting and "weigh-in". The captains meeting will be in the form o' an announcement o' the rules o' the tourney on this forum. Also registration will be made online in the registration forum (viewtopic.php?f=22&t=5294) for this tourney. Payment be expected by the weigh in at 12:00 noon on Sunday December 12 in the parking lot o' Crab Creek. You can make arrangements to make a payment with one o' the club officers anytime prior to the weigh in if ye cannot make the weigh in, however if ye register but do not pay by noon on the day o' the weigh in, ye will be prevented from fishing in future tournaments. Also, if ye have fish to weigh in but cannot make the noon weigh in, ye can submit yer fish by making arrangements with a club officer to verify yer fish in person. Also ye will be asked to post yer photos o' the fish online for further verification.

First lines in the water at 6:00pm Friday December 10th.
Fishing will be allowed in a 30 mile radius o' Crab Creek. Attendees will also recieve 10 pts. for entering. 10 points additional to the winner, and 5 points to the runner up.
Target Species: Striper - 2 fish total length. No minimum length, however, only one Kow (34"+) be permitted
Photo or fish weigh in.

Bonus 16.16 points for a Dogfish over 40" (only one bonus dogfish allowed)
Bonus 18.32 points for a Redfish under 16" (only one bonus Redfish allowed)

Here are some details about the charity:

Quote :
I just wanted to hop on here and gi' ye all a heads up about something we are doing over at POL. Last year we held an auction and raised a bit o' money that we then took and used to adopt a family in need for the holidays. The family we adopted had no heat and no means to get heat since they were out o' work due to the recession. We were told by the caseworker that turned us onto this family that they were taking turns each night going out to their car to warm up. We were able to get them the comfort o' heat for their house as a result o' the auction. This year we decided to throw together a quick and dirty tournament for the cause and solicited a few folks for donations to sweeten the pot. Anyway thanks to Yak Attack, we have some swag as well as a Visi Pole Carbon, and thanks to TKAA's very own Mark Lozier, we have some Marsh Works lures to add to a prize pot. The tourney will be held over the course o' the weekend o' December 10-12 and the entry fee be a minimum donation o' $15. Details are available over at the POL Site at viewtopic.php?f=22&t=5293

If ye are interested in taking part in this tourney, please register using the registration forum as detailed in the link above. Also if ye are interested in donating something (Money if ye are not able to attend the tourney but want to help out someone in need, or swag o' some sort for the prize pot to sweeten it further), please shoot me an email at While this be a quick and dirty tourney, we will have fun on the water and hopefully raise a decent chunk to help a family in need this holiday season.

Current fishing report:

Quote :
From looking over the reports from yesterday, it was a great day to be over there yesterday afternoon, all the fish that were brought to scales at the local takle shop were 47lbs. and up. A fellow brethren caught one and stored it in a cooler in his truck and went back out and someone stole it from him while he was out,

I know that it is late in the game, but it isn't too bad of a ride for you guys - the big fish run is on there now and will soon be approaching its peak. We have 9 guys from the KFA-NY going down next weekend to stay at Kiptopeke (in fact, there may be one room available for anyone interested because one guy had to drop out - need to check with GeogeD). I think that the TKAA is also participating too. It is a great way to build relationships with other clubs.

They plan to make this an annual event - a good tournament niche for this time of year. The registration link is listed below or you can contact BRB directly at
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Santa Striper Shootout - Chesapeake Bay - December 10 - 12
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