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 Very New to Kayak Fishing

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PostSubject: Very New to Kayak Fishing   Fri May 13, 2011 3:34 pm

Hello All,

I know this subject has probably been covered several times over but I am buying a kayak soon and would appreciate some insight.

I've read alot of info on this forum and have done a fair amount of research but could still use some help.

I'm 6'1 and weigh 190 and plan to fish out of Cape May. I dont want to buy a kayak then return it and I dont want to buy one for a beginner then have to ugrade later. Even if its more difficult to learn in the beginning, I'd like to start with one that I'll be able to use for years to come.

Sorry for being so general but I gotta start somewhere.

Thank you

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PostSubject: Re: Very New to Kayak Fishing   Sun May 15, 2011 7:17 pm

if you fish that area ,, stop off at sterling harbor,, just outside wildwood on rt 47,, the have ocean , wilderness , and hobie kayaks,, and everything else you would need
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PostSubject: Welcome to the Sport   Mon May 16, 2011 10:41 am

Hello there-

Remember this, we've all stood where you stand now. Honestly, it's one of the best places to be as you get ready to begin the great journey into a sport that will bring you a lifetime of enjoyment. You'll discover a "Brotherhood" that exists amongst those that have chosen this path and many hands that will extend out to you to help bring you along and to offer guidance and support as well as opportunities to build friendships and new partners to fish with you. Stay connected to "LunchBox" the finest men you'll ever meet. I have a wonderful friendship with Charlie, Chris and the Cape may crew and these guys will support you and help you to develop as a Kayak Angler.

Steps to Choosing the right Kayak, gear and accessories :

I recommend renting the Kayaks (2-3) that you're considering as this approach will prevent you from what you foresee as going down the wrong path. Plan an outing on familiar waters, I'd suggest freshwater or an inner bay, for a full day of fishing. Take time to feel the "real estate" you have around, envision where you'd place Rod Holder/Electronic mounts and accessories, fish, paddle, hatch accessibility and pay attention to the stability and maneuverability. If you have a Tall frame, different fishing Kayaks will have unique cockpit (Where you sit) designs that will fit you better than others. Pay attention to this and if you have a long torso, a Kayak that has a deeper seating contour will fit and feel best to you. Renting will save you from making a visual purchase and a functional mistake, and, when you've made a decision, you'll know it's qualified. It's like trying on clothes/shoes. They look good on the rack but, then you try them on and the look and feel influences your decision and you may realize they're not for you.

Seat Selection

Next, Select a Proper seat and not a "low-line/inexpensive" option unless budget is in play. Your comfort and physical health are important and a seat will be a comfort factor out on the water and can be the difference between a full, comfortable day or a short and uncomfortable experience with residual discomfort for days following.


Leaders in this product market area, Scotty and Ram. Both are functional and have diverse selections to choose from based upon your type of Reels as well as electronics mounts. Different sizes and extension options will allow you to create the "Right" environment that will provide you the ultimate level of accessibility and functionality. Protect and save your investments by leashing/securing your rods/reels by attaching leashes to each for security if/when one or all decide to take a swim. Many Kayak Anglers have "Sacrificed" gear and accessories to the "Water Tackle Shop".


This is another important investment in comfort. Choose a 230-240 Centimeter length. Look for a light weight, composite paddle around the $100 mark and upwards. Bending Branches, Carlisle, Werner. Light weight composite means less stress and fatigue on your shoulders, back and arms. Leash this as well or you'll "Be up a Creek with out a paddle" should it decide ( and it will) to go swimming.

Kayak Cart

75 to 100 lbs plus is what your future Kayak might weigh once you rig it and load it up each time you go out to fish. A Kayak Cart is a MUST and will allow you access to and from natural launch sites, off the beaten path freshwater sites, as well as public launches where you'll have to park your car and wheel your Kayak to the ramp/waters edge. Scupper Cart-2 posts that insert into the Scupper holes ( self drainage holes) or a Cradle type Cart-one that you place the Kayak on top of and near center hull position.


First, always try to fish with a buddy, especially in the Cape May area. Select a orange Flag with mount for the rear of your Kayak. This provides other boaters a visual on you because your profile is very low on the water and will disguise you at times to boat traffic. Select a Marine VHF radio to monitor conditions/reports, chat with other Kayak Anglers and most importantly, for emergency situations-Channel#9. Always where your PFD and research Dry tops/bottoms and other cold/wet weather gear for added safety and comfort during cold water seasons. Look into "Re-entry" videos and practice this technique during the summer and in warm, fresh or salt water. This is a skill you MUST Practice and HAVE because it is likely you'll roll at some point and being prepared will save your life. Teach and communicate this to others as well.

Well, that's the "Skinny". Below is my shop and my contact info. Email/Call me for advice and or suggestions on choosing gear and accessories. Email me and I'll send you a Discount Coupon Code for you to use on gear and accessories you'll need to rig out your near future ride. Look under JCKF sponsors on the forum home page and you'll find information on me and special discount deals through my shop too. I'm a dedicated shop to the Kayak Fisherman and support JCKF.

Lastly, introduce others into your world and this incredible sport. Stay in contact with Cape May Forum organizers (Chris-SJfishwhisperer and Charlie-Lunchbox) and come out this fall and join us for the JCKF 2nd annual Tournament.

Take Care and stay in touch-Send me your Address and I'll mail out the Latest Kayak Anglers Magazine's "Buyers Guide Issue" along with Scotty Catalog, a Sticker from my shop, and some other useful goodies.
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PostSubject: Thank You All!   Wed Jun 01, 2011 4:27 pm

I really appreciate everybody's feedback. It was very, very helpful. I cant wait to get out there with you guys.
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PostSubject: Re: Very New to Kayak Fishing   

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Very New to Kayak Fishing
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