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 Capt Meeting Announcement and Q&A

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Capt Meeting Announcement and Q&A Empty
PostSubject: Capt Meeting Announcement and Q&A   Capt Meeting Announcement and Q&A EmptySun Oct 18, 2015 1:03 pm

Here is the email blast that went out. Please ask you questions here. DO NOT CALL THE STORE FOR QUESTIONS REGARDING THE JAMBOREE. Everything you need to know is laid out here.

To all participants,

First, thank you all for pre-registering for this year’s event. We are at the 68 participants with several more walk-ins expected. Yes, walk-ins will be accepted up until the 6pm Captains Meeting on Friday. Thank you all for stepping up for the NJ Chapter of Heroes on the Water!

The following is a form of Digital Capt Meeting. The Capt Meeting will be held at 6pm in the Lake Laurie Campground Rec Building (directions below) on Fri, 23rd. This is NOT a mandatory meeting, but YOU are responsible to know the few rules that we have. Below is a rundown of info for you. Questions and concerns should be posted to our forum as others may learn from your thoughts. Please use this thread;

YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THE CALCUTTAS BY THE 6PM MEETING CONCLUSION. You can email, facebook, text, smoke signal a verbal commitment and we will enter you and collect later. There are 5 categories; Striped Bass, Weakfish/Spec, Tautog, Redfish and Bluefish. Each is $5. PLEASE BRING $5 BILLS TO SPEED UP THE PROCESS. You may enter one or all categories. All Calcutta’s are 100% payback. If you fail to get your Calcutta $$$ or commitment in on time, you CAN NOT score any fish.

Channel 71 for all operations and communication. All forms of communication are acceptable. We are all fishing for fun!

Captain’s Meeting;
Lake Laurie Campground. 6pm in the rack building. Once you enter the camp drive approx 50’ past the guard gatehouse to the parking lot on the left. Please park here. Please, DO NOT PARK at the building itself. We have too many deliveries to juggle cars.

Fishing Hours and rules;
You may fish anytime, anywhere from 5pm Friday evening until 4pm Saturday afternoon. We recommend CPR (Catch, photo, release) but you may keep legal, in season catches for the table. Your PICTURES MUST BE TURNED IN BY 5PM AT THE RACK BUILDING TO BE SCORED BY JUDGES. Your pictures need to be clear. You may except help from other participants. Please use the The Kayak Fishing Store business card as an indicator in your pictures. If something should happen to that card, you must use something from your Capt Bag as an indicator. Paddle Rulers are available to anyone that needs one. Just ask at the registration table.

The Prizes
We want it to be perfectly clear, if you do not register for the Calcutta’s by the end of the Captains Meeting, you will not be able to enter any fish. The Jamboree does not have a tournament. The Calcutta determines the prize monies. Judging is done by panel, and then the crowd votes on ties, no scores, etc if necessary. This is all for fun and the crowd will vote on anything not covered here. Cheaters will be shamed for the rest of their lives!

NO Credit cards! We have so many raffles this year, we WILL NOT be able to accept credit cards at the event. Please bring ones and fives as needed as change is tough to come by.

We have some fantastic raffles this year; Bending Branches Paddles, Custom fishing rods, Swag and tons of loose donations!!!!!

The attached Google Earth KMZ file will not only get you to all of the local stores and shops, but it will also show you all of the current hot spots for fishing. Click on any icon for more info when available. The other two reference maps have been sent for you to print if you like. This info is current and accurate. No other event lays the hot spots for its participants. You are all now on even playing ground with any locals that may be competing.

Recommended Bait info;
Clam, Green Crabs, Mullet, Spot
Recommended Tackle, etc;
Top water lures/plugs for bass and reds,
Single hook tog rigs (Avail at TKFS $2.50 each) or tog jigs,
Bucktails?Kalin Jigs tipped with pink anything

**Shops in this area DO NOT carry Sand Worms or Asian Crabs. You’ll need to bring your own**

Bait and Tackle;
Jersey Bait and Tackle 124 West Chestnut Avenue, North Wildwood, NJ 08260 609-522-7060. They are heavily stocked and ready for us.

Peace Token 1301 Route 9, Burleigh, NJ 609-463-6851

Tides Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun
Nummy Island, Grassy Sound Channel, New Jersey
39.0283° N, 74.8017° W
Day High Tide Height
/Low Time Feet Sunset

2015-10-23 Fri 4:29 AM EDT 4.3 feet High Tide
2015-10-23 Fri 7:16 AM EDT Sunrise
2015-10-23 Fri 11:06 AM EDT 0.3 feet Low Tide
2015-10-23 Fri 4:54 PM EDT 4.6 feet High Tide
2015-10-23 Fri 6:09 PM EDT Sunset
2015-10-23 Fri 11:34 PM EDT -0.1 feet Low Tide
2015-10-24 Sat 5:30 AM EDT 4.6 feet High Tide
2015-10-24 Sat 7:17 AM EDT Sunrise
2015-10-24 Sat 12:03 PM EDT -0.1 feet Low Tide
2015-10-24 Sat 5:56 PM EDT 4.8 feet High Tide
2015-10-24 Sat 6:08 PM EDT Sunset
2015-10-25 Sun 12:25 AM EDT -0.4 feet Low Tide
2015-10-25 Sun 6:27 AM EDT 5.0 feet High Tide
2015-10-25 Sun 7:18 AM EDT Sunrise
2015-10-25 Sun 12:59 PM EDT -0.4 feet Low Tide
2015-10-25 Sun 6:07 PM EDT Sunset
2015-10-25 Sun 6:52 PM EDT 5.0 feet High Tide

The Kayak Fishing Store will be open; (609)522-5969
Thursday 9am –5pm
Friday 9am –4pm
Saturday CLOSED
Sunday 10am – 2pm

We carry everything you will need for this event including Kayak TnW’s, single hook Tog rigs, Bait Shears for crabs, Kalin jigs, and other tackle. WE DO NOT CARRY BAIT. Please go to Jersey B&T.

Lake Laurie Campground;
669 Route 9, Cape May, NJ-08204

Good luck to you all!!! Be safe, buddy up and have a great time!!!

Chris Parson
The Kayak Fishing Store


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Capt Meeting Announcement and Q&A
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