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Cape May Kayak Fishing Jamboree The-ka11
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 Cape May Kayak Fishing Jamboree

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Cape May Kayak Fishing Jamboree Empty
PostSubject: Cape May Kayak Fishing Jamboree   Cape May Kayak Fishing Jamboree EmptyThu Oct 05, 2017 7:13 am

Cape May Kayak Fishing Jamboree
October 20 @ 6:00 pm - October 22 @ 12:00 pm

This, our 8th year! The Jamboree has some changes and twists so please pay attention.

JCKF Cape May Kayak Fishing Jamboree Format Change

We have decided to change up the Jamboree format. From this point on, the event no longer requires registration fees, or any real structure. Those that want to fish with friends are encouraged to join us Oct 20-22 to camp, fish, and enjoy what has always been a good time.

There will be no prizes, no food, no shirts, or raffles. We will hold several $5 Calcutta’s for those that want to join. For those that want to enter a Calcutta now, you can do so by clicking on the link to the FaceBook page and entering. By entering online, you are promising to submit the proper amount into the Calcutta once you arrive to the event.CLICK HERE

You can also enter in person before 6pm at the camp or have a friend do it for you. At 6pm, we will disclose what the identifier is and you may begin the Calcutta.

This year, we plan to gather at Lake Laurie Campground, (Now a K.O.A.). The campground is offering a 10% off group rate for the event. Just mention the KAYAK EVENT. The Kayak Fishing Store location is undergoing ownership change and site renovation. We will not be able to camp there this year as planned. This happened quickly and left us scrambling for an alternate camping location.

The Event Page is up on FaceBook under Jersey Cape Kayak Fishing. Folks, please say whether you are coming or not so we have an idea of who’s in and can send you info updates.

We will of course be spreading the word about Heroes on the Water and we may have shirts, etc on the side to help raise funds and awareness for this great group of people.

Pay Attention. If you have a question, post it on our JCKF Forum or on our JCKF Facebook page.

If you call the store or ring my cell, this is the exact advice that you will receive.

Captain’s Social – Friday, October 20, 6pm at KOA Cape May. (Site location to be announced) This is not mandatory, but it is your ONLY chance to enter the Calcutta’s if you haven’t done so on the FB page.

Fishing Start / Stop – Fishing will begin 6pm, Friday the 20th and continue through til 1100am Sunday the 22nd.

Calcutta – You cannot double dip. (Your 36″ striper cannot win Barbie and Largest. Pic one)

Striper -
Tog -
Largest Fish - Largest NON TRASH Fish
Barbie Rod - Barbie rod can be any child rod and reel re-spooled with adult line.
Wild Card - Coolest/Biggest/Weirdest and will be voted on by those entered in Wild Card

$5 each category. Please bring $5 bills

Calcutta Rules – You must enter the Calcutta in person by 6pm, Friday the 20th. You can have a friend enter you. The Calcutta signups will be 9am – 6pm on Friday. You can also sign up in advance on FB as mentioned above. Participants must be in line to be judged by 1100am on Sunday. Winners will be announced at noon at camp. Judging is done by anyone and everyone that is in the Calcutta.Identifier will be announced on FB and at camp at 6pm on the 20th.

3 rules this year. 1. You must use your identifier. 2. NO BITCHING. 3. Don’t be a dick.

Launching – You are permitted to launch Dad’s Place and/or any other legal launch points in Cape May County.

Extra meals/shirts – There are no meals, or shirts this year

Campers – We Recommend Cape May KOA (formerly Lake Laurie) Most of us will be there sharing stories, adult beverages and fun times.

Chris Parson
The Kayak Fishing Store


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Cape May Kayak Fishing Jamboree
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